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Partner with us

If you’re new to commercial property investment and development or could do with a helping hand in a sector that’s new territory, out of reach or difficult to finance, Chadwick Holdings can work with you in a variety of ways.

Chadwick Holdings will consider any combination of co-investment, funding, sourcing opportunities and asset management services enabling an investor to enter a new investment line or expand financial reach.

Venture with Us

If you have a new business idea that could do with some financial backing, know-how or a combination of both, Chadwick Holdings is interested in new ideas or disruptive business models that challenge established verticals.

Launched in January 2016, Virtual Headquarters is a business that can be ‘bolted-on’ to any multi-let office building with a staffed front-desk or business centre. A virtual office gives businesses access to a prestigious office location, without the overheads of leasing physical space. This opens up a new revenue generating possibility from buildings which may not have any vacancy, and requires minimal on-site resource. Revenues go straight to the bottom line.

Launched in 2020, OfficeHQ boast the ability to execute a comprehensive, whole of market office search in a matter of minutes. They take pride in a consultative approach with all clients, dealing with the whole process from start to finish. They cover the entire UK and can get you set up with a new office, no matter the size, in a matter of days.